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Executive Homestay

High-standard homestay accommodation conveniently located in zones 2 and 3 with fantastic access to the city centre and the school.

Arrival Between 08:00 and 22:00 on Saturday or Sunday before course start date.
Travel time Average journey time to school is 35-45 minutes by public transport.
Booking options Single room
Room A comfortable and simply furnished room contains a desk and storage space for your clothes. Bed linen is provided by the host. Your host will clean your room, but you should keep it neat and tidy too by making your own bed and putting your clothes away.
Meal plans 1. Half board: breakfast and evening meal included daily. Cooking facilities not included, access to these is at the host's discretion.

2. Breakfast only: breakfast included daily. Cooking facilities not included, access to these is at the host's discretion. This board type most suitable for students who prefer to eat out in the evening.

Breakfast is not usually cooked. It is often toast and marmalade, cereal, fruit juice and tea of coffee. Dinner is the main meal of the day and should include meat, fish or poultry, unless you have asked in your application form for vegetarian meals. Special dietary requirements available on request. Please inform the school at the time of the booking.
Bedclothes Included
Laundry Students should be able to do one washing machine load of laundry per week. Please discuss with your host whether you should do it yourself in their machine or whether they will do it for you.
Baths and showers En-suite or adjacent private bathroom. Towels are provided by your host.
Telephone Please ask your host if they will allow you to use the telephone.
Internet Access Internet access might be available in some homestays. Please check with us at the time of booking.

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