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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What is the minimum age?

The adult study abroad programs cater for students aged 18 and over, although some schools allow 16 and 17 year old students to participate if staying with a guardian or host family and have parental permission. Children under 18 are catered for if travelling with a parent or guardian.

2 - When should I arrive and depart?

Most programs begin on a Monday and finish on a Friday. Arrival to accommodation, in most cases, is Sunday to Saturday. Additional nights accommodation can be specially arranged with a corresponding additional fee.

3 - Are flights included?

Flights are NOT included in the prices shown. Go Learn can assist you by supplying a list of airlines that fly to your selected country.

4 - Where are the schools located?

All English learning centres are centrally location and within easy reach via public transport. They are also closely located to national monuments and popular tourist attractions.

5 - Courses

All of our courses take place in officially accredited language schools or universities. Courses are offered in almost all English speaking countries. Immersion is the key! The hardest part for you will be deciding which course is for you. If you can’t find the course you are looking for, please contact us. We can find a course to suit your needs.

6 - What is my English level?

Each language centre has between 6 and 10 levels ranging from beginner/elementary through to advanced/proficient. On arrivial, students are given a test to determine their level and are subsequently placed in the correct class according to their abilities. Some schools have online tests available which allows the students to go straight to class on the first Monday morning.

7 - What about accommodation?

Various options are available to students.
Host families are carefully chosen and are a good way to completely immerse yourself into an Anglo-Saxon culture. Sometimes there is more than one student staying with a host family, but the other student will never be of the same native language.

Residences and shared apartments lend to a very social experience.

Hotels are convenient and are great for shorter courses.

All options have been visited by school staff and meet various requirements set by the school.

***Accommodation is not compulsory. You can sign up for courses without accommodation or you can sign up for a course with some accommodation and later when you are settled and familiar with your surroundings you can look locally.

8 - Will I receive a certificate at the end?

Certificates are provided on completion of your course (subject to attendance). The certificate provides details of the school, duration of the course and the level completed.

9 - Are airport transfers available?

Yes, however they are not included in the course price. Students will need to provide details of the arrival location, time, airline and flight number at least one week prior to guarantee the service availability.

10 - Do I need insurance?

Students of European Union origin travelling to another EU country do not require health insurance to access the Public Health System in that country. However, it is recommended that the student obtain a Tarjeta de Sanidad Europeo (European Health Card).

Students travelling outside of the EU are strongly advised to purchase health insurance.

Students travelling to Australia for more than 12 weeks must purchase a compulsory Australian insurance (this is purchased with the visa process).


11 - Do I need a visa?

If you are a European Union citizen travelling within the EU then you do not require a visa.
If you are travelling outside of the EU then you may require a visa (depending on the location, course length, hours of lessons, etc).
Whilst Go Learn can not apply for visas on a student’s behalf, it can provide assistance to help you obtain a visa.
For students requiring a visa, full payment must be made prior to applying for the visa. If the visa is denied a full refund will be made, minus the booking fee.

12 - School closures

Schools close on official public holidays and do not give refunds for these days of closure. Go Learn can provide a list of the days that your school will be closed or this can be obtained on arrival to the school.

13 - What if I want to extend or change my course

Students who wish to extend their time in the program should advise both Go Learn and the school at least 2 weeks prior. Availability of the same accommodation cannot be guaranteed but alternative arrangements can be made for these circumstances.

14 - What are the benefits of using Go Learn?

Go Learn can give you invaluable advice to help you to decide on the best course, the best location and the best schools.
In the unlikely event that you are displeased with some aspect of your course or accommodation then we will help you to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

15 - And the price?

We have courses for all budgets depending on the location and city that you wish to visit. We also have exciting deals available so we recommend that you visit our OFFERS page regularly.

16 - What will I receive before I leave?

Prior to departure all students will receive confirmation outlining the centre where you will study, contact details, arrival details, insurance details (if applicable), emergency assistance contacts and confirmation of registration with Go Learn.

This information will be provided by email or post when total payment has been received.

17 - How to sign up for a course

To formalise your registration for a course simply fill in and return a registration form and send it to our offices along with your 300€ deposit (this will be discounted from the total cost).

18 - How can I Pay?

Final payment will be made by the student directly to the school.
This payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card.
Details will be provided after the initial registration is completed.